[thelist] maximum page load for users leave?

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Thu Dec 5 16:53:01 CST 2002

We never throttled anything for anyone.

On the Mac and the SGI you can have multiple connection types defined
and then switch to PPP which kills the network connection to the
internet.  You don't have to reboot to do the switching.  So they had
to use a modem and the dial in log was used as part of the QA.  If
they were honest and wanted to make the sign off quicker, they would
call one of us two that had full access to the network and we would
watch them dial in and sign the job database as tested.

At 1:34 AM +0500 12/5/02, Aleem Bawany wrote:
>  > When I worked for an ISP the web designers had to switch their
>>  connection type on the fly and test the pages with, at the time 33.6
>>  modems. (Macs and SGIs)  If they did not dial in, they could not sign
>Did they use some kind of software to throttle their connection or
>simply dialed in?
>Do you (or anyone else) know of a software that will let you throttle
>your connection to simulate different connection speeds?

No I don't, I am so against throttling for anything below 40K a
second.  If you can download the file or whatever faster the other
users don't have to wait as long to get more bandwidth.  I have seen
places that restricted every connection to 2K.


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