[thelist] why is my google rating so bad (sitecheck www.gritechnologies.com)

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A couple of thoughts -
No Page Title <title></title>
Missing Meta tags for description and keywords

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Could you take a look at www.gritechnologies.com please.

Any comments about the site in general are appreciated.
I'm aware there's one error in the validating.

The main thing I don't understand is why the Google listing is so bad.
There are a few pages linking to the site, and it is listed, but no
summary at all shows up, and it gets a page-rank of 0/10.

I fear this might be because it is a dynamic site, using some htaccess
redirecting to convert the dynamic URL into something more readable. I
did however go to great lengths to ensure a 200 OK code was returned on
each request, instead of a 302 or 400.

Can anyone see something obvious? would adding meta tags make the


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