[thelist] why is my google rating so bad (sitecheck www.gritechnologies.com)

Diego Barcia webmaster at sci-web.com.ar
Thu Dec 5 18:18:00 CST 2002


>>Any comments about the site in general are appreciated.
>>I'm aware there's one error in the validating.

>>The main thing I don't understand is why the Google listing is so bad.

>>> A couple of thoughts -
>>> No Page Title <title></title>
>>> Missing Meta tags for description and keywords

Google does not support meta tags any more, and if it did once, it was for a
very short period of time; they were a kind of invention that is gone...
because of spamming, etc. Don't spend one minute in meta tags, because they
are very tedious and have no relevancy. Actually I think Inktomi is the only
search engine that supports that, but they are not important to ranking. The
most important part is the title, must be well designed and must have
keyword relevancy in relation to the body text, and keyword relevancy for
text in headings, and perhaps alt attributes in images. The other valuable
thing is the description meta, which shows up in the listings as your site
description. Google does care much for "page relevancy" that it is build
upon other sites linking to yours, and perhaps for tracking clicks in
listings. If you install the Google bar (privacy issues are noted if you
decide to install it) you can check the "page relevancy" and all the links
that are pointing to the page you visit.

Diego Barcia
Web Designer & Developer

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