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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Dec 6 07:58:01 CST 2002

Hi Joel,

I kinda agree ... but I think we need more information.  If they
don't have inventory and billing mechanized, then it almost sounds
like this small business is going to be asking Roger to build
their _entire_ accounting system; looks like inventory, customer
records (contractor discounts), pricing, and billing so far ...
with collections and some financial reporting ('dunning' late
accounts) in the near future ... and maybe purchasing, payroll,
additional financial reporting, and tax returns coming down the road.

If that's the case then he might want to think about bringing in
someone who does that kind of work. By which I mean an 'Accounting'
type familiar with some reasonably standard and not too expensive
off-the-shelf small business accounting software package. [Which
wouldn't be me! ;-)   ]

OTOH, if the company has *some* level of mechanization and this is an
'add-on' capability - then I think we can help him through it.  (You
learn by trying things that are a 'stretch', right?)  I'd probably
suggest Roger take a look at some third party 'reporting' software
packages as well. Maybe there is something like "R&R" [A very flexible
and easy to use gui reporting package that used to work with dBase
tables.] that will work with Access databases and be easier/faster than constructing apps directly in Access.  {Brio would work but would
probably cost too much.}



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> here, or should I just tell them to find a real Database programmer??

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