[thelist] SQL: Need help for query within a store

Dan Robinson dan at drob.org
Fri Dec 6 10:52:22 CST 2002


My 2 cents.  You might want to take a look at "Quickbooks" from
"Quicken".  I haven't looked at the package in a couple of years, but they
should have an inventory subsystem and they can definitely handle invoices
etc.  Of course it might be suboptimal for this particular business they
owners need to make a decision of how much money they want to spend -
because building this system from scratch is going to take many, many hours.

If Quickbooks doesn't work here then you should check to see what packages
are being offered for the nursery business specifically.  I would start
with a quick look on the web and look through any trade journals they may
have around.

Good luck,


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