[thelist] flash experts? mac molasses

Lene Wangmo wangmo at earthlink.net
Fri Dec 6 11:37:01 CST 2002

on 12/6/02 7:35 AM, Adam at swerve90 at sympatico.ca wrote:

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> Hello All.
> I'm in a mighty bind and could use some help. I've built this flash interface
> for my personal portfolio which is to be examined in an interview for a very
> important course I'm try to get into.
> On the mac the movie plays at tortise speed. I did some reading on the
> macromedia site that said it's due to high frame rates. So I set the frame
> rate to under20fps as recommended. No effect.
> I purchased optimazer with the understanding that it would optimize my movie
> and make it slicker to DL and play. It didn't. It took 3 kb of the total file
> size....
> Can anyone give me some advice or point me towards some articles? All the
> computers at the school are macs. I never thought I'd be disappointed to hear
> that.
> http://www.tonguesnthumbs.net/test/index3.html
> thx!!
> Adam Leon
> Pupilchoke Design
> http://www.pupilchoke.com
> <tip type="audio fx" author="Adam">
> Flash kit has a great library of free loops and sound fx for flash movies.
> http://www.flashkit.com/soundfx/
> </tip>
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I'm on a Mac G3 old bird, and your site played great.
Your "projectile megalomania" is freakin' awesome, and
I loved the mouseover sound effect.



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