[thelist] Re: flash experts? mac molasses (Adam)

Tim Hansen - Pink Candy Productions tim at pinkcandyproductions.com
Fri Dec 6 15:42:01 CST 2002

Hey Adam,

> On the mac the movie plays at tortise speed. I did some reading on the
macromedia site that said it's due to high frame rates. So I set the frame
rate to under20fps as recommended. No effect.

Changing the fps to one of these settings *may* help: 13, 21, 31, or 61
frames per second.

> Can anyone give me some advice or point me towards some articles? All the
computers at the school are macs. I never thought I'd be disappointed to
hear that.

This is a recognized bug in the mac flash player. Here's a link to a
Flashkit petition BEGGING Macromedia to fix the bug. There are at least 144
other designers who have been in your position (not much consolation I


There is a hack where you can include a silent streamed sound (a 1 second
MP3) that loops for as long as the movie plays. When a movie has a streamed
sound playing in it, the animation will drop frames to keep up. This will
however, make things look a little choppy on some macs. I have a 'lil MP3
file I can send you if you want to try this approach.

Good luck,

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