CF Form WAS Re: [thelist] Server vs. Client Validation

Max Kanat-Alexander maxka at
Fri Dec 6 17:12:01 CST 2002

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At 08:57 AM 12/6/2002, you wrote:
>Odd, I've never been happy with ColdFusion's built-in client-side
>validation.  It never quite works the way I want it to, and it seems to
>ignore any custom scripting I would add to it.

         Hrm. Perhaps it's because I've only used MX.

         But, of course, if you need to do something complicated that adds
custom scripting to the validation, then it's easier to do it yourself,

         I rarely need to do more than verify the input against a regular
expression, a range of valid values, or just verify that something is there
at all. :-) So, in those cases I'm always happy with it.


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