[thelist] Hard Drive Partition for Linux

Boris Mann boris at bmannconsulting.com
Sun Dec 8 14:13:01 CST 2002

On Sunday, December 8, 2002, at 03:05  PM, Andrew Maynes wrote:

> After not too much success of installing Debian on an old PC (no
> longer a PC. I
> have decided it maybe best to partition another PC and install Linux
> on a
> partition (Win98 on one Partition and Debian on the other).  Does this
> sound
> like a good plan?  Because Linux would not pick up the moden on the
> old box it
> should be able to detect a conection on the other partion?   Does this
> sound
> right or am I heading for trouble?

You can't run both operating systems at the same time. Having two
partitions means (if you are successful in getting it to work) you can
reboot and select which OS you want to run -- Win98 or Linux.

If you have a winmodem and aren't that familiar with Linux, it will be
difficult to say the least to get it working. External modem or high
speed are the best routes.

If you are looking for a Linux server solution that is easy to install
and is managed through a set of web pages, I suggest you check out
http://www.e-smith.org. Be warned -- it will overwrite everything on
the hard drive and does not support separate partitions. It is an
excellent solution if you want a server box running Linux.

Boris Mann

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