[thelist] Blink

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Mon Dec 9 08:57:01 CST 2002

Smart move:
>There is a CSS option: 'text-decoration: blink' but even supporting that is
>optional for browsers

Although it may still be available, I thought it was a good idea, to let the
more experienced HTML coders/scripters/programmers to decide whether or not
it should be used; rather than the novice stumble upon the "Way Cool" god
forbid they EVER use it <blink> option.

[OT] What prompted this posting was a Spam email I received in my inbox
today with in fact a blinking header. I looked through the code and someone
found that blink didn't work, so they made an animated gif to resemble the
action. They never quit do they...

Thanks for the comments,


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