[thelist] UPDATE Re: batch JPG -> PSD?

Sam sam at sam-i-am.com
Mon Dec 9 10:05:01 CST 2002

The photoshop/image ready action files (.isa) are just plain text. On
win32 you can find them in or around
C:/Documents and Settings/your name/Application
Data/Adobe/Photoshop/6.0/Adobe Photoshop 6 Settings/ImageReady Actions/

For the kind of batch jobs which have just enough complexity to be
difficult/impossible with the Actions functionality, I've had some
success generating an action file. I've written a perl script to
generate an action file for producing graphic text images (it creates a
sliced and export-optimized-ready psd) which takes a text file as input
containing each of the text strings for my headings. Anyway, the point
is that it would be fairly easy to produce a similar script that
accepted filenames as input. Feed the script your filelist (e.g from dir
/b/s *.jpg > filelist.txt) and refresh the actions list in photoshop to
see it in there. This would give you more control over where the output
should go -- if you have a scripting language you're comfortable using.

In practice, when I've made new versions of this, I tend to record an
action that does all the things I might want to do to my batch of files.
Then I open up the .isa and start switching out the values with
HTML::Template tags. It's not a terribly painful process, and stops the
gap until photoshop gets a real scripting interface.

For some tasks it might even make sense to write/edit the action file by
hand, plugging in the various variables' values for each file you want
to touch.


> Any ideas?  Other than this "action" wizard stuff, does PS have any
> exposed scripting interface (like the Gimp's script-fu)?

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