[thelist] SQL query statement help

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Mon Dec 9 12:11:01 CST 2002

Could really use some help from someone for whom this is second nature -
I've got a benefit auction going on right now that has totally snowballed
and is taking a lot of time and brain cells - I DO normally research
thoroughly and learn "how" to do things myself - my knowledge of writing
even basic sql validation statements for use in very basic asp pages is
quite limited - and I know this is probably extremely simple and would
really appreciate the expertise of someone who knows more than me :)

In a nutshell - we have a very basic asp app using an Access database with
separate tables for each auction item. (Right now there are about 50
tables - by the end of the auction it will be at least double that as we're
adding 12-15 donated auction items per day through this Friday).

The Auction pages are working fine - have a basic qeury statement on the
pages to show highest bidder, amount, etc.

(SELECT TOP 1 * FROM angel order by T4 desc)

I'd like to have a "totals" page that would give us a running total of
dollars raised toward the fund from all items.

T4 is the field name for the bidded amount.

The Auction itself can be viewed at www.bestofboards.com/auction/auction.asp

There is a Text Log button on that page where I'd like to be able to simply
add a "Total" line at the top or bottom with the current amount raised.

This was just going to be a simple, 20-30 item auction - for like a week -
but I have a very giving and close-knit community that has evolved over 5
years and it's turned into a hugely successful [beast]. Next year it will
definately have to be programmed differently - there's got to be an easier
way than how I have done it LOL.

My thanks to a kindly soul who can help me out with some remedial sql query


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