[thelist] PHP includes (how to call from subdir)

Howard Cheng howcheng at ix.netcom.com
Mon Dec 9 12:27:01 CST 2002

Another option is to use the $DOCUMENT_ROOT variable (or
$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) which is the physical path to your web root


At 10:18 AM 12/7/2002 -0500, j.d. welch wrote:
>sure, you can do it like that, but i think it's worth mentioning that
>you can change the include_path directive per directory. in an
>.htaccess file in your DocumentRoot, add something like:
>php_value include_path=".:/path/to/my/includes:/some/other/path"
>(the . indicating current directory) and you can forgo the relative
>link nonsense.

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