[thelist] SQL query statement help

Belinda Johnson belinda at prodsol.net
Mon Dec 9 12:50:01 CST 2002

>Uh oh... I think you may have made your life a lot more difficult with this
design.  But regardless, the query to sum up the highest bids (which is the
latest bid, right) will be something like this if you want only one query:<

Yep - I was beginning to realize that. Now (for this year) I am just trying
to salvage my sanity and get through it. I would welcome suggestions on how
I SHOULD have set this up - as I know this community is going to want to do
this every year going forward. We threw this together so fast - not
envisioning it taking on the life that it has - this was my very first
website back in 1998 - it remains housed in FrontPage because I have
multiple admins working with me to maintain it and keep it fresh - and they
learn as we go too LOL.

I don't rely 100% on the WYSIWYG factor of FrontPage for all my sites - but
on this site in particular it makes it maneagable for the group - I am on
this list because I really want to move away from FrontPage as my editor of
choice in general.

Thansk for your advice & assistance.


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