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Tue Dec 10 00:11:01 CST 2002

evolt.org headlines for 09-DEC-02

Hi evolters!

We have some fresh content on evolt.org today, contributed by our
members. Learn something new or review the perspective of someone

Software: Say Bye-Bye to the Pie (Chart) (Author: zurb)

I've tried a few site metrics/site analysis/usability tools, and
found one I like.  Instead of divorcing the data from the site, it
actually (gasp!) puts the data in context, and in a pretty unique

Community News: Free Books for evolt.org Members (Author: MartinB)

How you can get your hands on a free copy of the Glasshaus book:
"Usability, The Site Speaks for Itself" this holiday season.

Authors really appreciate feedback from their peers; you can leave a
comment and rate articles by logging into the evolt.org web site.

Happy reading!


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