[thelist] js for zip code validation

Shoshannah Forbes xslf at xslf.com
Tue Dec 10 02:41:01 CST 2002

At 05:24 PM 12/9/2002 +0800, todea wrote:
> Can someone help out with som js form validation. I want to validate a
> zip
> code entered by the user against a list of existing zip codes.

Make sure you leave an option for international users, who might not
have a zip code (or might have a zip code in a different format then
the US one).

Unless, of course, you explicitly state that the form is for US
residents only.

/me tired of form that assume that everyone on the internet is living
in the US at the moment. and yes, I do have an American credit card (I
lived in the Us in the past)

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