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Tue Dec 10 05:49:01 CST 2002

Three cheers for Shoshannah! It's high time somebody
said that.

I use forms for international users (US included) and
see no reason to try to validate them. Mail will get
there anyway.


This can be very infuriating to those concerned with
privacy and consumer rights. I completed a very
invasive form on one site and falsified my personal
data (required field) so as not to expose my home
address to who knows whom. The smart form even
rejected my input saying "The street address is not
located in the same area as the zip code". Fortunately
I knew the city whose zip code I used and wa able to
give something that fit the bill.

Form designers PLEASE! Everyone doesn't have to give
all their personal information over the web to anyone
who asks. It's also dangerous. If someone gives you a
false address or the like, he won't get what he's
asking for. And if you're sending something he's not
asking for, well...

--- Shoshannah Forbes <xslf at xslf.com> wrote:
> At 05:24 PM 12/9/2002 +0800, todea wrote:
> > Can someone help out with som js form validation.
> I want to validate a
> > zip
> > code entered by the user against a list of
> existing zip codes.
> Make sure you leave an option for international
> users, who might not
> have a zip code (or might have a zip code in a
> different format then
> the US one).
> Unless, of course, you explicitly state that the
> form is for US
> residents only.
> /me tired of form that assume that everyone on the
> internet is living
> in the US at the moment. and yes, I do have an
> American credit card (I
> lived in the Us in the past)
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