[thelist] how do we hide contents?

alvar aalto raz at bigideas.com.my
Tue Dec 10 09:17:07 CST 2002

Dave wrote --
Dave <schemer at cyou.com>

Scroll down and over and you will see more than one line of text. Also, there are ways to hide source code but if someone really wants it they can get it.

Hello, Dave,

Thanks for your response. It's obvious I am not too smart, isn't it? :) [However, in the case of www.adobe.com's I saw a few months ago, the page was definitely devoid of any codes save for 2 lines of text.]
Would you mind to point me to one (or more) of the examples, please? I did a search, but I wasn't too successful.

I am aware that if someone is really after your source codes, he or she can get at them; but let's assume the viewer is not an advanced user/computer guru like yours truly.

Thanks, Dave

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