[thelist] PHP HTTP referrer processor ?

Morgan Kelsey morgan at morgankelsey.com
Tue Dec 10 09:46:01 CST 2002

> True but the user feels that he can refine his meta tags by looking for
> incidental words that users have used that have successfully located his
> site.  I've been presented with a MySQL table dump containg 300,000 HTTP
> referrers to wade through - he has no access to the raw server logs.

what .jeff said is true, but i think there may be valuable info in the
referers....it sounds like the client is looking for terms they haven't
thought of targeting for.

if they still want to parse those referers, i have this mongo CF structure
of which variable in the query_string has the incoming search term for most
of the engines.
(you'll have to convert it to PHP):
some values are lists.
google for instance, those sneaky devils....

seUrls['www.google.com'] = 'q,query,as_q';

this will help them too:

enter a term, and find out how many people looked for it on the overture
network last month. i don't think anyone should pay for listings, but i use
this as a good way to see if anyone is looking for "vegetarian crocodile

beware, overture stems words (ignores plurals, and sees 'walk' and 'walking'
as the same), but google doesn't.

good luck,


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