[thelist] Help with Div's please

Taz taz at tazonline.org
Tue Dec 10 11:31:08 CST 2002

No matter, I didn't think of it before but I am sure I can solve the
problem with an Iframe.

Thanks and sorry to waste you're time.


At 17:22 10/12/2002 +0000, Taz wrote:
>Hello, having little knowledge of Div's and basically most of this code, as
>I ripped it from a tutorial site, I have managed to get the content
>scrolling correctly within the DIV when viewed in I.E., but for some reason
>it displays (no suprises) completely differently in Mozilla plus, and here
>is the big plus, the javascript scrollers don't work either, which is of
>course a must.
>If there is anyone out there who can help and who also has Internet
>Explorer plus Mozilla to compare and see what I am talking about, I would
>be really grateful!
>Site > http://www.tazonline.org/index2.php
>Thanks in advance.
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