[thelist] Re: Alternative CA's

Kevin digger Martin evolt at brasscannon.net
Tue Dec 10 12:08:01 CST 2002

Pete asks:

> We are looking for a CA to issue us SSL certificates for several servers. We
> had a bad experience with Verisign and also feel that their products are
> overpriced.

Darn tootin'.  I recently went with Comodo (www.comodogroup.com) and
have had ZERO problems.  They're using the GTE root certificate, which
is recognized by all serious browsers I've seen, and they have customer
support.  I played dumb with them and they remained helpful.  You can
get a free trial cert from them, though the barrier to entry is a little
higher that way (you need more ID if you aren't providing a credit card up

Disclaimer:  I'm not reselling for them (yet), but if I ever do get around
to offering certs, theirs are the ones I'll be using.

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