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Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Tue Dec 10 12:27:01 CST 2002

At 04:55 AM 12/10/2002, Koutoulas, Pete wrote:
>We are looking for a CA to issue us SSL certificates for several servers. We
>had a bad experience with Verisign and also feel that their products are
>overpriced. I was about to go with Thawte until I discovered that they had
>been bought out by Verisign. So my question to the group is, what are the
>alternatives to Verisign/Thawte and is there a downside to going with a
>lesser-known CA? Since we are not doing commerce, I don't think it is
>important to us that the end-user has heard of our CA, just that it will be
>trusted by most browsers. Any help would be much appreciated.

We've used GeoTrust's QuickSSL for projects like this.


The biggest hurdle to implementing their solution is making sure your
domain whois information is correct first. Once that is ready, it only take
about one hour to get an SSL cert from them.
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