[thelist] how do we hide contents?

Steve Lewis slewis at macrovista.net
Tue Dec 10 13:14:01 CST 2002

alvar aalto wrote:
> Hello, guys
> Thanks for your input.
> Timothy J. Luoma wrote --
> Why on earth anyone would want to steal that code is beyond me :-)
> Actually, the guy's intention was to challenge viewers (read, we lesser mortals) to determine the name of the Flash movie he was hiding within another Flash movie. I would guess that to show how smart he is, he "hid" the source codes. My ommission was I didn't scroll farther down the page or else I would have seen what Dave saw. In fact, he also disabled right click and select. I know how to disable right click and select.
> Burhan Khalid wrote --
> Isn't it also true that since the server sends the page to the browser
> (unless encrypted) in plain text, and the page is (usually) cached on
> the client, that any code hiding scheme would fail since the savvy
> user can simply find the page on their browser's cache directory?
> Always wondered about this, and thought this would be a good topic to
> find out.

want to capture the unencrypted plain text HTML of a page?

start -> run
'telnet www.oaklanddesign.com 80'
'GET /articles/pswf.html HTTP/1.1'
'Host: www.oaklanddesign.com'
'User-agent: Telnet-Raaar/1.0'
(extra carriate return, line feed to signal we are done)


> I patiently await the how's from you advanced guys.
If you want to hide the content of a page put the whole page in an
image--a rather poor option because it can always be transcribed into
another window, and you will just annoy the user.  Perhaps we dont
understand?  This challenge clearly defies reason.  Trying to reach
Nirvana?  Than meditate upon the content koan:  how do you keep a secret
from someone yet share that secret with them?

--Steve, grouch extrordinaire

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