[thelist] how do we hide contents?

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Tue Dec 10 14:58:01 CST 2002

> As already mentioned, I am aware that source codes, no matter
> how they are camouflaged or cyphered, can be unmasked or
> decyphered. But here we would mean by "advanced users" such
> as yourself. I don't think I am wrong if I say that most
> surfers do not fall into this category.

True, but most "surfers" aren't going to be the ones trying to look at the code, either.  For sites which disable the right-click, they could be the ones using the right-click menu as a way to print a page or to open a link in a new window, which could piss them off.

Personally, I rarely bother looking at a site's code (other than helping someone fix their code, of course) unless I find that they're trying to hide it from me. Then I just want to see what all the fuss is about.

Scott Brady

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