[thelist] Thanks for the help, here is a tip

Peter J. Christie pjchrist at xula.edu
Tue Dec 10 15:18:01 CST 2002

Thanks to the helpful individuals from yesterday.  Since my CSS skills
are limited, I'll provide a practical tip.  Many people ask me how do
you get started planning a website, and getting the client to think
about what they would put on it.  I recommend treating it like a
Publishing Job, and asking what I call the "whowhatwhere" of it.

Who is the audience
What do we want them to do
Where do they go to do those things
When does it need to be available
Why do they use it
How can we be sure we've been successful?

Different questions will certainly apply, but the process is what is
important.  Then talk about the answers to these questions before
thinking too much about technologies, color, logos.  The answers dictate
the project.

PJ Christie
University Web Developer


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