[thelist] sendmail 8.12.5-7 problem

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Dec 10 17:21:01 CST 2002

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> John is also correct about the fire wall manager. If you
> installed the fire
> wall manager during installation you should make sure that
> port 25 (and
> port 110 for POP) are open for external use.

(again i'm going from memory here.)

i do remember seeing a Security Config/Setup utility that was a basic
firewall configurator. it seems that i was unable to make any changes to
the settings. for example, the util would open with the current settings
(i assume. and where it gets these settings i don't know, as john
mentioned xinetd.conf?), i chose "none" (or something to that affect)
and clicked 'ok'.

i then tried to telnet in, nothing happened.

so i decided i'd reopen the firewall util and see what it said, to my
dismay, the firewall was back to "high" security and not "none" like i'd

now to my question... is this util related at all to iptables/ipchains
or is it a separate file/function of the os. i know john mentioned
xinetd.conf (which i haven't been able to take a look at yet) but i just
wanted to try and get this cleared up.


p.s. in your opinion would it be a good idea to buy a redhat 8 book? any

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