[thelist] SQL question

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Dec 10 17:41:18 CST 2002

>  why use the JOIN keyword?  What's the advantage
> over a simple WHERE clause join?  Is it just a matter of
> clearer syntax (for my money, the JOIN syntax isn't clearer)?

if you're using microsoft sql/server, the (+) notation is deprecated and may
not be supported soon

i find that the JOIN syntax actually is clearer, because if you join several
tables with WHERE clause syntax, some inner, some outer, it is really hard
to identify which conditions join which tables, especially if you also have
other non-joining conditions in the WHERE clause

when using JOIN syntax, each pair of tables is isolated, and the ON
condition applies only to that pair

a lot clearer, in my mind

plus, it's easier to switch back and forth from inner to outer


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