[thelist] background-attachment:fixed; bux

Taz taz at tazonline.org
Tue Dec 10 18:58:01 CST 2002

Hey all,

If you go to my website http://www.tazonline.org you will arrive at the
front page, from there click on one of the "more" links to view a blog and
you should now be viewing one, if you use the little hands to scroll down
you will see in Internet Explorer the background image of an 'eye', moving
with the page, however if you go through the same process using Mozilla
this does not happen. Which it shouldn't as I want it stationary.

The table uses a class named eye, here is the CSS.
         background-image: url("images/eye.gif");
         background-repeat: no-repeat;
         background-position:0px 70px;

Please please, can someone help. I cannot see why IE is not picking up the
BG as fixed but MOZ is. I am using IE version 6.

Thank you in advance.



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