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Max Kanat-Alexander maxka at cats.ucsc.edu
Tue Dec 10 22:16:01 CST 2002

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         All right. This is the first question I've actually asked the
list! So, here goes.

         I have a bunch of images on several pages, and I don't want to
specify width="" for each image. They are contained inside of a layout
table. (Site must work in NN4.7)

         When an image is wider than the table, it just gets cut off. This
is bad.

         For mozilla and other compliant browsers, I can do this:

         img {
                 max-width: 100%;

         Which makes the browser resize the image to fit the current size
of the table cell. That's good.

         Is there anything that I can do like this for IE? At the least, I
need the entire image to display, instead of being cut off by the end of
the table. (I tried setting "overflow: visible" on table, p, img, td, tr,
and tbody, and that didn't work.)

         Any solution is okay, as long as it validates and doesn't involve
massive code reworking.


         P.S. The (rather unexciting) page that this applies the most to is


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