[thelist] IE Image max-width (RESOLVED)

Max Kanat-Alexander maxka at cats.ucsc.edu
Wed Dec 11 00:01:10 CST 2002

[ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
At 09:47 PM 12/10/2002, you wrote:
>I've never seen a table cut off content before! I'm just guessing here but
>I think the problem may be your use of 'table-layout: fixed'. Removing it
>seems to do the trick anyway.

         Yes! Indeed that does it! Heh, I hadn't even thought of that. Of
course, removing it does occasionally make the page do strange things (like
resize a column that I don't want it to resize) but it's all right if it
makes my pages WORK! :-D

>BTW ResNet.css contains binary characters (or so my text editor says).

         Hrm. I saved it as UTF-8, so it's possible that it has a BOM. I
thought that TextPad didn't insert a BOM, but maybe it does.

         I guess I should save it as ANSI, anyway, since that's what the
server seems to be serving it as. :-)

         Thanks so much!!


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