[thelist] Help with Div's please

alvar aalto raz at bigideas.com.my
Wed Dec 11 08:08:01 CST 2002

Taz wrote --
I have managed to get the content scrolling correctly within the DIV when viewed in I.E., but for some reason it displays (no suprises) completely differently in Mozilla plus, and here is the big plus, the javascript scrollers don't work either, which is of course a must.

If there is anyone out there who can help and who also has Internet
Explorer plus Mozilla to compare and see what I am talking about
Site > http://www.tazonline.org/index2.php

Netscape tends to interpret styles differently or not at all. Here is a chart that may help --

Sorry, the page couldn't open on my IE and I have uninstalled my Netscape, so can't check your site.

One possible solution is to use a Flash movie for the scroll. It seems more than 97% of browsers support swf's. If this is agreeable, you may want to consider either Macromedia Flash 5/Flash MX (www.macromedia.com) or Swish (www.swishzone.com). In case you aren't familiar with these pieces of software, Flash is more powerful than Swish, but it costs more and the learning curve is steeper. Swish is less powerful but should be adequate for general purposes, costs less and is easier to learn.



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