[thelist] how do we hide contents?

alvar aalto raz at bigideas.com.my
Wed Dec 11 08:44:01 CST 2002

the head lemur wrote --
A discourse probably too lengthy to reproduce here, but those who are interested may want to go to http://lists.evolt.org/archive/Week-of-Mon-20021209/129966.html

Thank you for your response.
It may be that you haven't read all my posts on this subject, but my intention in asking the question is not so that I can hide my source codes, but only to know the way or ways it is done ("to satisfy my curiosity" as mentioned in an earlier post). I have always been passionately curious about many subjects, and I was told that if I could find the best help where the web was concerned, it was here at evolt.org.

As to the meanings of communication, may I humbly advise that I specialise in that field and am adequately informed - certainly adequate enough so that my former employers, who were and are still among the top 12 in Fortune 500, put me in First Class and 5-star hotels when I travelled on business. Over more than 15 years, I must have spent 2 weeks every month sitting on a plane. I am now a consultant Creative Director.

Thank you for adding some more bits of information into my brain.



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