[thelist] Creating Online Reports - suggested tools

Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Wed Dec 11 09:30:16 CST 2002

I use WebTrends Log Analyzer from NetIQ. It seems to a good job at recording
web sites and displaying all kinds of details about your site. Some of the
neater functions I've noticed, is it sorts all the key words and phrases
that people used to find you. I use this to tweak my keywords Meta Tag. We
usually end up in the top three of search engines for people who want to
know more about our company. It also tells you the percentages of people
using what browser, on what platform with what version. The interface is
quite intuitive and reports are easy to get. I'd show you a sample of one,
but that would take all the fun out of it for my competitors.

I've not had any experience with Crystal Reports, but from what I hear,
that's a bad word around here.


I was wondering what, if any, online report tools people would suggest.
These could be either ones site developers use, or the client themselves
use.  Also any thoughts on how well Crystal Reports works.



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