[thelist] Off-site Links in Articles

Kevin W null at tsn.cc
Wed Dec 11 19:35:01 CST 2002

>From the evolt.org FAQ's article "Submission Style Guide: Code" [1], under
the heading "Off-Site Links", it says:
"Please add a 'target' attribute to your links to open a new window so
readers of your article on evolt.org don't lose their place. Please use
"_blank" so all new links open in one window, since the use of "_new" opens
links in a new window for each link."

Given this was written in April 2001, is this still preferred?  Isn't it
better to let the user decide which window he/she wants the link to open

[1] http://www.evolt.org/guide_code/index.html
(PS: first post to thelist)
Kevin W :-)

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