[thelist] New Member (web review request)

Tina Warren tinawarren at charter.net
Wed Dec 11 22:37:01 CST 2002

Hello my name is Tina Warren. I am a 31 year WAHM of
three. I have been doing freelance writing and web design
for the past two years to help make ends meet.

The web design I have done in the past has required only
basic knowledge but now I am trying to learn more about
web development, databases, SQL, XHTML and how to make a
web site truly interactive yet user friendly. I have been
reading the posts on this list for about a week now and
have gathered a good deal of information and hope to stick
around and learn more.

I recently started my own business and want to make the
web site for the business the best that it can be. My
business is www.tenncents.com, a coupon network of Local
businesses. The site doesn't officially launch until Jan.
2003 but the business end of things is in full swing. We
are working on making contacts, gaining new clients,
advertising, marketing, promotion, etc. We have been well
received by local merchants and have had other business
owners from neighboring communities and even out of state
to contact us about our network. We are planning to expand

I welcome feedback in regards to the web site design,
layout, navigation, etc. As well as any other comments and
suggestions. In particular I would like to know the best
way to present the navigation for the shopping categories.
I am not sure if the way we have it now is the best
option. We will be adding other states and more cities
soon. Most of the category links are inactive at this
point as I mentioned above we have not officially launched
the site yet.

Thanks for reading my post.

Happy Holidays,
Tina Warren
TennCents Design and Media
Savings that make sense!

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