[thelist] New Member (web review request)

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Wed Dec 11 23:14:00 CST 2002

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> Hello my name is Tina Warren. I am a 31 year WAHM of
> three.

Hi, Tina!

Welcome to thelist.

Sorry; I only do web and telecom acronyms; can you translate 'WAHM' for me?

> I recently started my own business and want to make the
> web site for the business the best that it can be. My
> business is www.tenncents.com, a coupon network of Local
> businesses.

Nicely done. Clean layout, direct navigation, intelligent copy. Looks like
you've got a good idea, and you're executing it well.

I didn't dig *real* deep into your code, but at a quick glance, it looked
neat and tidy. Works well in all my PC browsers (IE6, Opera6, Mozilla) and
Mozilla on my Linux box; Netscape 4.blah, not so good on Linux, but Linux
users may not be your primary target demographic ;) (No Mac test, 'cause
mine refuses to see my network. Macs are easy, huh?)

Love the name, too. Didn't make sense until I realized where you were

Nice job on the site. And welcome to thelist.


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