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Austin Govella austin at desiremedia.com
Thu Dec 12 11:39:00 CST 2002

>> 2. The search engine optimisation service you have quoted us on -
>> understand
>> how you can optimise once at the build stage and submit to search engines
>> but how do we keep the service at the top of the main searches? is there
>> a
>> cost effective service out there and do we need one in your view?

I think it is still considered de rigeur among SEOs to resubmit the site
to spiders every six months or so. You will be penalized for too frequent
submissions, but every six months should be fine. Definitely once a year.

This is for the search engines. Directory submissions shouldn't need to be
touched at all.

You will need to *fix* it after the site launches. Adjusting title tags,
headings, and body copy to maximize your rankings on one search or another
should be done once your newly submitted site begins appearing in the

Though it's possible you'll hit right where you were aiming, it's unlikely.
  And you can always optimize more. Always.

As regards finding a service:

If you're designing the site with SEO in mind, then I don't think they
need one. Periodic maintenance (resubmission to SEs, adjusting copy) can
be done as part of their current maintenance plan. The fees I expect to
see associated with hiring a firm to maintain your rankings don't seem to
be worthwhile to me. But it depends on the amount of money your site pulls

Austin Govella

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