[thelist] i don't like css (because i can't do it right?)

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Thu Dec 12 11:59:01 CST 2002


ok. this is really getting to me. i have a page that is xhtml/css
transitional. i have a header, a left nav, and a content. these all
container divs. if i float two divs within the content div (one div
contains some regular markup, the other contains an iframe), one of the
divs (the one with the regular content) extends below the content
container div. why does it do that? i even added a <div
class="spacer"></div> at the bottom of the container div thinking it
would force the container div to be as tall as the content. alas, it
does not work this way.

i am really not liking css since it seems to be such a pain. but then
again that's probably just because i don't know what i'm doing yet. and
yes, at the time of this writing the page was valid.

here is a link:


anyone know why?

oh. i should also tell you that this will be seen only in ie6 browsers,
so cross browser compatibility is not important. (and please don't chime
in and say something like "it's always important man!" because in this i
don't care [when usually i do] and bossman has said he doesn't care


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