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Rob Smith rob.smith at THERMON.com
Thu Dec 12 12:17:00 CST 2002


I don't believe this is an elf (Electronic Line Feed <shrugs shoulders>),
but I've noticed this across several columns. Mind you there are a lot of
other columns to these rows. Although it is highly unlikely that I'm
exceeding the 8k max row size limit, I can only muster 2 links from each
cell varChar(4096) now for S&G. So as a inefficient work around, I've added
successive columns to accommodate my 2 links per cell (i.e. ProdPDFURL1,2,3,
etc.). I just don't know anymore...


Hi Rob,

One way would be to dump the db entry, save it as a text file, and
then view it in an editor that supports hex mode. (I use UltraEdit-32
but I'm pretty sure a lot of editors will let you do that.)

Another way would be to write a routine to go through that field,
character-by-character, print the ascii code and look for "odd" or
'out-of-range' entries.

The simplest way is to delete the db entry and retype it by hand ... as
opposed to copying it from Word or something.  This way won't tell you
if you had an elf ... but it may make the problem go away. (Which is
kind of an indirect proof I guess.)



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>Can you check the db entry in hex?

umm... how do you do that?
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