[thelist] New Member (web review request)

Peter Abramowicz pabramow at web.net
Thu Dec 12 13:49:15 CST 2002

Hello Tina and welcome to thelist,

> As well as any other comments and suggestions.

I had a quick look at your site, it does have a nice clean look

Now how about some nit-picking 8-).
For more consistent look and feel you may want to carry over the look of the
home page into subsequent pages. I don't mean you schould necessairly carry
over the three colum layout, but rather the style of the column with border
and top heading  and white space around it (I hope this makes some sense).

When I look at the home page in Mozilla I noticed that the border on the
left extended over the heading, it look something like this |/ except that
heading is of course curved. I looked at the code and I think it may be the
<p> tag you have there that couses it. Actualy looking at your code there is
number of ways you can simplify it.

Here is couple of suggestion;
make a more extensive use of CSS for example you could add this to your

body {font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;} - this way you
don't have to constantly define font face and if you decide at some point to
change it you only have to change one line.

your heading right now look something like this:

<td width="4%" valign="top">
      <p align="center">
      <font face="Verdana">
      <img border="0" src="bp_sidenav_cornertop2.gif" width="13"
<td width="91%" valign="top">
       <p align="center"><b>
       <font face="Verdana" color="#FFFFFF" size="2">Savings that make
<td width="5%" valign="top">
        <p align="right">
        <font face="Verdana">
        <img border="0" src="bp_sidenav_cornertop.gif" width="13"

here is another way to do it and you eliminate that <p>tag

<td width="4%">
       <img src="bp_sidenav_cornertop2.gif" width="13" height="13"
align="top" border="0">
<td width="91%" valign="top">
   <p align="center">
   <b><font color="#FFFFFF" size="2">Savings that make Sense!</font></b>
<td width="4%" align="right">
       <img src="bp_sidenav_cornertop.gif" width="13" height="13"
align="top" border="0">


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pabramow at web.net

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