[thelist] i don't like css (because i can't do it right?)

Max Kanat-Alexander maxka at cats.ucsc.edu
Thu Dec 12 21:37:01 CST 2002

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At 11:48 AM 12/12/2002, you wrote:
> > Subject: RE: [thelist] i don't like css (because i can't do it right?)

         The page looks nice.

         Some kind notes on your CSS:

         In "font-family," it's always a good idea to give a few
alternatives, and then always end with a generic. For example, here's a
common one:

         font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

         Also, if your fonts have two-word or more names, you should
surround them in single quotes or double quotes. E.g:

         font-family: "Courier New", fixedsys, monospace;

         Also, you don't have to do the negative text-indent on your li's
to get a ul to not have an indent. All you need to do is set "margin: 0" on
the ul. (If you want to keep the bullet, I'd recommend margin: 10px)

         Finally, you don't have to set objects as inline to get rid of the
top and bottom spaces around them. All you need to do is set their bottom
margins and top margins to 0. :-)

         And see, I was just about to get around to helping you with your
actual problem, but now my girlfriend wants me to go eat dinner or
something like that. :-D

         And if you already know all this stuff, well then, hey. No harm done.


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