[thelist] Wireless Networking Advice

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Thu Dec 12 22:56:01 CST 2002

David Bindel wrote:

> The computers in my house might be switching to a wireless network
> sometime soon, and I'm wondering if those of you have have done (or
> tried) it before can give me any advice on the subject... Good/bad
> brands, problems you faced, etc.

I had a LinkSys 4-port hub/router that was satisfactory so I added
a LinkSys AP, PC card for a laptop, and USB adaptor for a desktop
in another part of the house (AP is in the office).

Setup was pretty straightforward, coverage is adequate (*very* old
house, plaster and lathe construction cuts signal badly for wireless
in general -- cell phones barely work inside -- but I can use the
laptop in the living room, or on the back patio).

So no real complaints, holler if you'd like any more specifics...
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