[thelist] IIS/ASP: Accessing shared drive

Ken Schaefer ken at adOpenStatic.com
Thu Dec 12 23:41:01 CST 2002

Drive letters are only mapped for the logged on user.

Hence, if you map a drive letter (L:), then this is mapped for your user
account only. Hence, if you use basic authentication (rather than anonymous)
drive L: will be available.

If you are using anonymous authentication, it's a little trickier:
a) you need to access via UNC path \\server\share\file.ext
b) you can change the anonymous user account from IUSR_<machinename> to a
domain account (unless you're running IIS on a domain controller, in which
case IUSR is already a domain account). Give this domain account permissions
to the remote share.

c) If you're not running in a domain, then you need to create an account
called IUSR_<webservername> on the file server machine, and give it the same
password as the IUSR account on the webserver. Assign permissions on the
file server.


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: > Map the shares on the other machine as drive letters on this machine.
: Watch
: > for permissions gotchas. Can be done this way, but requires basic
: > authentication rather than Windows integrated authentication; it's the
: only
: > way to pass the auth info to across the network in this case.
: That part makes sense.  But my problem is that the shares don't seem to be
: available to the IIS service consistently.  For example, I map the drive
: L:... but, when I try to access L: via FuleSystemObject I get the typical
: file/path errors that come up when a path doesn't exist.
: So, I think that for some reason the share is only local to the desktop
: not available to the WebServer.
: Thoughts?
: -joshua
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