[thelist] i don't like css (because i can't do it right?)

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Sat Dec 14 12:25:14 CST 2002

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>          The page looks nice.

hey thanks!

>          In "font-family," it's always a good idea to give a few
> alternatives, and then always end with a generic. For
> example, here's a
> common one:
>          font-family: Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;

yeah i know. css validator whines aboue that too! but i'm lazy and i
figure everyone in the office has verdana, so...

>          Also, if your fonts have two-word or more names, you should
> surround them in single quotes or double quotes. E.g:
>          font-family: "Courier New", fixedsys, monospace;

i didn't know that, i will keep that in mind in the future.

>          Also, you don't have to do the negative text-indent
> on your li's
> to get a ul to not have an indent. All you need to do is set
> "margin: 0" on
> the ul. (If you want to keep the bullet, I'd recommend margin: 10px)

i'll have to play around with that. but the reason i used negative
numbers is because i want the wrapped line of a list item to be further
right than the originating line. for example, if you shrink the browser
window on the homepage to the point that it makes the navigation on the
left hand side wrap, you'll see that the wrapped line is indented.

>          Finally, you don't have to set objects as inline to
> get rid of the
> top and bottom spaces around them. All you need to do is set
> their bottom
> margins and top margins to 0. :-)

as i read this paragraph i tried to think of a place where i used
display: inline; to remove margins. but i could not think of anything.
can you point me to the css in question please? frankly i would prefer
to use margin: x x x x; to decide my margins rather than display:
inline; since the display attribute is so much more buggy.

thanks for the tips.


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