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Shifra Raffel shifrar at uclink.berkeley.edu
Sat Dec 14 12:26:06 CST 2002

Hi all,
Starting a new job with UC Berkeley (I used to post to this list from my
job at Oxygen before my site went belly-up).

Anybody have good (or bad!) experience to report with message
board/threaded discussion tools, anything from Zope to Slash to Web Crossing?

The platform is still uncertain -- we will definitely be not using a
Microsoft product, we'll probably be using Apache on Linux (we have a
strong request to use ACS -- probably not going to happen). As for our
needs, we need to allow people to trade information in a threaded format
and preferably have the ability to get alerts when someone else posts to
their topic. Thanks very much for any input.

Shifra Raffel
Institute for Transportation Studies, Technology Transfer Program
UC Berkeley
<shifrar at uclink.berkeley.edu>

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