[thelist] Stopping a user submitting a form from the addressbar using JS.

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sat Dec 14 15:42:01 CST 2002

> Server-side validation is essential to maintain the integrity of a

apologies for pouncing on this, but what an opportunity to praise the
benefits of letting the database handle integrity

but first, the analogy --

> Client-side validation is an enhancement to the user experience
> (like most scripting/DHTML should be) and can lighten server traffic.

so true

if you love your data, you don't trust client-side validation

however, server-side validation using application code could be viewed in
the same manner -- an enhancement, but not necessarily a guarantee of
database integrity

if you love your data, you don't trust application code

yeah, yeah, application developers are not malicious, they don't code
integrity holes on purpose

however, one guy running Query Analyzer can bypass any rules built into
application code real easily

to say nothing of integrity questions when merging data from separate
sources (if you've ever done this, you know how involved it can be)

on the plus side, database integrity validation can actually eliminate much
application code

perhaps that's why some developers are leery of it -- less work for them

well, i'm rambling, which is easy to do when you're my age


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