[thelist] Persistent Caching (revisited)

Chris Marsh chris at webbtech.co.uk
Sun Dec 15 10:56:01 CST 2002


> I know that this meta tag prevents caching on web pages:
> <META HTTP-Equiv="Pragma" Content="no-cache">
> What do I do if that page has already been cached and want to
> force the update. I've tried flat out renaming files, but
> every time I want to make a change, I can't tell whether or
> not the user has the most up-2-date information. I'm running
> IIS 4, I'm not so confident on its ability to enable Content
> Expiration times on files. What are some methods you use to
> get disable caching of static web pages?

I use the following code:

Response.Expires = 60
Response.Expiresabsolute = Now() - 1
Response.AddHeader "pragma","no-cache"
Response.AddHeader "cache-control","private"
Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"

Here is an interesting article that may be of some use:



Chris Marsh

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