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"Six Buttons from Hell" is not actually a virus, it's a script that
makes the browser freeze when it is run.  It WILL NOT actually harm
your computer.  Somebody at Evrsoft included it as a joke, but
Evrsoft has never bothered to remove it (for reasons of which I'm not
sure).  If you'd like to read some more about Six Buttons from Hell
being included in 1st Page, please see this post at the Evrsoft
Developers Forum:


David Bindel

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> Side note about 1st page. CAUTION!
> I downloaded the program months ago and, upon
> installing it I was flashed by my antivirus program
> that a file Called 'Six Buttons from Hell' contained
> JS Loop virus.
> Fortunately the antivirus program immediately deleted
> the file, but it should be noted that the infection
> was only discovered on installation. No virus was
> detected on the executable for the install program
> even though it was scanned.
> I had copied the exec. to my backup hard drive and
> forgot about the issue. Later I installed it and got
> the same virus.
> I informed Eversoft, so this may have been taken care
> of by now. Just a word of caution.

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