[thelist] directory structure

Drew Psconi comitque at hotmail.com
Sun Dec 15 15:00:01 CST 2002

Hey everyone!

I have two domains pointing to the same IP address, same root directory on
my IIS server.  It's not hosted locally, but I'd like to have the two
domains have different root directories so the URLs will look like this:
http://www.site1.com/news/ mapped to: htdocs/site1/news
http://www.site2.com/news/ mapped to: htdocs/site2/news
instead of:
http://www.site1.com/site1_news/ mapped to: htdocs/site1_news
http://www.site2.com/site2_news/ mapped to: htdocs/site2_news

Does that make sense?  Is that possible?  The only way I can come close is
to use an error page redirect to the proper pages and that's just not a good
option.  I don't have much control over the server settings so that's not
much of an option.


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