[thelist] directory structure

evolt at zamba.com evolt at zamba.com
Sun Dec 15 20:00:01 CST 2002

Not sure if this is what you want, but try DomainDirector (it's free), I
use it for in one case 12 domains on a single static IP.
Note, this does not use frames, like many of the other options.
What I would like to know, however, is whether this affects search
engine placings (Google has not answered me yet!)...Anyone?

Tony Page

> I have two domains pointing to the same IP address, same root
> directory on my IIS server.  It's not hosted locally, but I'd
> like to have the two domains have different root directories
> so the URLs will look like this: http://www.site1.com/news/
> mapped to: htdocs/site1/news http://www.site2.com/news/
> mapped to: htdocs/site2/news instead of:
> http://www.site1.com/site1_news/ mapped to: > htdocs/site1_news
> http://www.site2.com/site2_news/ mapped to: htdocs/site2_news


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